The national health care emergency created by COVID-19, has not deterred our focus from connection, calling and celebration of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  We are prayerfully leaning on His guidance and asking for wisdom to make decisions that will allow us to protect, respond, recover and transition our services responsibly during a pandemic.

ACTIVE:  JUNE 2, 2021

Data/Information:  CDC Guidelines


Sunday Service(s):  In-person and online live streaming is available. AM worship is from 10:30 am - 11:30 am in the auditorium. Social distancing guidelines are highly recommended for those not fully vaccinated and additional measures such as taped-off pews, distanced chairs, etc. are in place.


Sunday Adult Bible Study: 9:30am -10:10am in-person — located in the Small/Large Fellowship Room 113 and auditorium. An online live streaming option is available via YouTube or by clicking here.

Sunday Youth Bible Study: 9:30am -10:10am in-person— located in Room 221/223. 


Sunday Children Bible Study: 9:30am -10:10am in-person. Children up to 15 months of age will assemble in Room 113. Children 15 months to under 3 years of age will assemble in Room 115. Children 3 years to 5th grade will meet in Room 111. 

Communion: Individually packaged communion is available for pick-up at the church building. Communion will be provided on-site individually packaged in a designated area in the Lobby. The offering is encouraged to occur online or mailed, but can also be collected in a designated area in the Lobby during service.


Sunday PM: Suspended until further notice

Wednesday Bible Study: For the months of June and July, our summer series "Praise and Prayer", a night of singing with a short devotional, will occur in-person in the Small Fellowship Room from 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm. Children's classes will reflect those available each Sunday. Youth Bible Study will occur in the Oasis Room.

Masks: In accordance with the CDC guidelines, if you are fully vaccinated it is not required or recommended to wear a mask. Individuals who are not vaccinated are encouraged to social distance and protect yourself and others by wearing a mask. 

Additional Measures:   An air filtration system has been installed. This is a combination of two different technologies. One is UVC light which has been used in hospitals for years. The second is advanced oxidation. This system eliminates mold, viruses, bacteria, germs, allergens – even odors. The company claims this system is effective even against COVID.

Gatherings/Events: Church members may reserve rooms for events by contact the church office or using the Member Portal. 


Non-church-related activities:  Certain large events have resumed:  weddings, in-person showers, and funerals. Additional gatherings such as conferences, festivals, parades, concerts, sporting events, etc. will be determined at the elders decretion.

Decisions to move through phases will be obtained through the following data source:  Learn More +


Self-Report Members and visitors are encouraged to self-report to the church office if they or someone they have been in contact with is diagnosed with COVID-19. This will allow the church to pray for their recovery as well as conduct contact tracing to properly notify those who may have come in direct contact with the diagnosed individual.