who we are.


What To Expect


You will find people who are excited you’re here!
We welcome the opportunity to study, worship and grow together as we connect through our common bond found in Jesus. 

What Should I Wear?

You will find folks dressed in everything from suits and dresses, khakis and polos, to t-shirts and jeans. We are not caught up in appearances, so come as you are.

Are there Children's Classes or Child-care during Worship?

Children as young as 3 months have the opportunity to join a Bible class. All children's classes offer age-appropriate lessons coupled with song, crafts and activities. For children 3 years old to 1st Grade, we offer Children's Training time after the Lord's Supper during worship which gives children a chance to learn more about Jesus. Should child-care be necessary during worship, we offer a staffed toddler and nursery room.

Where Should I Park?

For your convenience, we have designated guest parking next to our building. We have additional parking beside our building, along with two parking lots directly behind the building which can be accessed on Redding Road.

Where Should I Enter the Building?

The best entrance is the front entrance facing the street as it is nearest to our Welcome Center. If you have any questions upon entering, our Welcome Team will be happy to assist.

What can I Expect During Worship?

Each Sunday you can expect prayer, singing, communion and a sermon. We celebrate communion, a time of remembering the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. During this moment, we thank God for His gift of Jesus, we examine our lives and we seek to pledge our lives in service to Him. We partake of a small piece of unleavened bread/cracker to remember His body and we drink a small cup of grape juice to represent His blood that was shed. We uplift our voices to God in song without the use of musical instruments. Whether you know every verse of each song or do not know a single note, we invite you to join us as we praise God in song. Our minister takes a section of the Bible and brings it to life so that we are able to see how we can be more like Jesus and live our lives accordingly. The sermon lasts about 30 minutes. After the message, we have a response time where anyone can make their needs known, as we are imperfect people striving to be more like Jesus.

What are the Service Times?

We welcome all adults and children as we study God's Word together. We offer Bible Study on Wednesday Nights at 6:30pm, lasting roughly 1 hour. Sunday Morning Bible Study begins at 9am, lasting roughly 50 minutes. Sunday Worship Service begins at 10am, lasting roughly 1 hour which includes prayer, singing, communion, and a sermon from God's Word. Please check our Events Page for additional Bible Studies, Fellowship Opportunities and Upcoming Events.

Are there families here and what does the church body look like?

At our core, we are all about LOVE. Love is expressed in our worship and our relationship with one another. Our love is extended by sharing the gospel, experiencing the love of God through our actions and being a caring body of Christ. Our body is filled with people of multiple stages of life and stages of discipleship.

Come, Connect. Celebrate.

We are all about families at Red Bank and the numbers are growing weekly. We want parents and children alike to become everything that God has created them to be and utilize those talents to share the hope, joy and life that is found in Jesus. We invite you to connect with others that may be in your stage of life as we journey this life together.