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We are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

It is a blessing and our desire to show the love of Jesus to others. 

"Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven." Matthew 5:16


Chattanooga Inner City Outreach’s mission is to teach, train and tutor those of the inner city communities and surrounding areas about the love, mercy and forgiveness that God has for all people; Romans 5:8. Serving three communities in the Chattanooga area, College Hill Courts, Emma Wheeler Homes and East Lake Courts. We share the Gospel of Jesus, provide mentorship and spiritually and physically feeding them. Multiple Churches of Christ in the area support this ministry and it primarily depends on volunteers sharing their time, love and faith. Matthew 28:19-20; Mark 16:15; Romans 10:13-14


You fit into God’s mission. Whether your skills or talents are in the field of business, art, media, education, government, family, agriculture, science or church ministry, you fit into God’s plan. Red Bank Church of Christ is charged with serving our community and those abroad through physical efforts that make a difference. We offer multiple events and serving opportunities to empower individuals and families to share God’s Word, His love and the hope that is found in Him. You can play a part by making a difference in this world and someone’s life by the actions you take. Get ready to put faith to work by taking part in various activities throughout the year (Vacation Bible School, Rake and Bake, College Move-In Day, Small Group Clean-Up, Lads to Leaders, Meals to Shut-Ins & Families, etc.)


The Red Bank Church of Christ Food Pantry provides physical nourishment for people in need in the Red Bank community, while providing spiritual nourishment through God's Word. Each week, church members work together to donate food and toiletry items to the pantry and then pack boxes to provide enough supplies for a family for a week.  Every box includes a Bible and a card with an invitation to engage in church activities.  We want our works to show mercy, love and compassion as Matthew 25: 35-40 demonstrates. Our choice is to respond to Him by providing the greatest needs to others with love and hope.


Manna Monday is an outreach program with the goal of providing a free meal and necessity based resources to those in need. Each Monday from 11am to 1pm, volunteers and staff share a meal with attendees while also building meaningful relationships and sharing the love that can be found in Christ. Through this benevolence program, we get an opportunity to meet our neighbors, share life stories, provide insight into church activities, distribute pantry resources and share God’s word. We encourage everyone to join, start a conversation, enjoy a meal and allow God to be your guide. Matthew 25:35, Matthew 18:20



In a world constantly inundated with instant messaging and emails, we sometimes lose sight of  the value of sending and receiving a heartfelt, handwritten card. The Monday Night for the Masters Ministry offers members a chance to provide words of encouragement, express care and gratitude, provide sympathy and share joy in life’s greatest moments. Writing cards provides a genuine connection and allows ministry members to provide scripture or intentional words that can put a smile on one's face and remind them that God is constantly watching over them. Thessalonians 5:11, Romans 12:9-10, 1 John 4:7


Red Bank Church of Christ partners with multiple churches, organization and individuals in the local community with the goal of serving people who need help, especially as it pertains to food insecurity. The pantry and activities take place in the building of Red Bank United Methodist Church. Volunteers show God’s love through volunteering in the following capacities:  Unpack food and pack boxes, pick up food from food drives and retail locations, organize food on shelves and move delivered food to pantry, distribute food, find corporate and local business sponsors and recruit businesses to hold food drives. Red Bank Church of Christ strives to maintain a compassionate connection to our community by making our facility and resources available when needed. Through this partnership, we work to fulfill scripture found in Matthew 25:35. News Articles: Times Free Press


Red Bank Youth Group has a mentoring ministry based on the parable of the Sower in Matthew 13. We aspire to have every middle school student in our youth group get the love and acceptance they need as a developing adolescent. Our inter-generational goal is to have every youth group member (Sapling) connect with an adult (Sower) or family unit that will seek to connect with them in practical ways to build a village of support as they mature. These practical means of connection from Sowers include weekly prayer for and communication with your sapling and their family (call, text, social media, or in person). In addition, we encourage the Sower to connect by either sharing a meal with their Sapling, attend one of their extracurricular activities, write them a card, serve together or do a fun event/outing together, monthly or bi-monthly. We are asking for adults to commit to prayer and connection for the development of our kids.


The Quilting Ministry was created for the experienced members of the congregation to pass on their talents to other members so that those God-given talents can be put to good works creating needed items for those in our community. This multi-generational ministry provides wheelchair quilts, activity blankets and masks to nursing homes, cancer and dialysis clinics, and other medical facilities within the community. We strive to demonstrate pure religion as described in James 1:27 by attending to widows and orphans.  We also look to the example of Dorcas in Acts 9 for her use of her sewing skills in support of those around her.  As always, we strive to show our faith by our works as directed in James 2:8.  To God be the glory.
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